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1. 描写心情美好的英语句子

1、I am too happy to stand faint!我要幸福的昏倒了!2、May you come into a good fortune! Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year. 祝好运、健康、佳肴伴你度过一个快乐新年。

3、I hasten to congratulate you on the happy return of your birthday. 时值足下千秋令旦,草此聊表贺忱。4、I n this world, only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness.在这个世界上,只有真正快乐的男人,才能带给女人真正的快乐。

5、Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.对于大多数人来说, 他们认定自己有多幸福, 就有多幸福。6、T housand of time i have thought of you .my heart is going high into the air and flying with my blessing towards you i don't care loneliness. i am satisfied when you are happy and i am happy when i think of you!千万个思念,在空气中凝固。

扬起风吹向你,带着我的祝福,寂寞我不在乎,你快乐我就满足,想你是我的幸福!7、I know someone in the world is waiting for me, although i've no idea of who he is. but i feel happy every day for this. 我知道这世上有人在等我,尽管我不知道我在等谁。但是因为这样,我每天都非常快乐。

8、H appy are the families where the government of parents is the reign of affection, and of the children the submission to love.幸福的家庭,父母靠慈爱当家,孩子也是出于对父母的爱而顺从大人。9、W ith the friends there are always laughs and shared happy moments, the friends are like the small drops of water of the morning dew, where the heart is it and freshens up.总是能与朋友一齐笑和分享快乐时光的朋友,就像心里面一小滴清晨的露水,可以使人精神饱满。

10、I will make you happy when you are depressed. i will make you delighted when you are in great sorrow!在你抑郁的时候, 就是你的开心果。在你忧伤的时候, 愿作你的忘忧树!11、Thank you for your helping my dreams,my life,my future ,Happy Birthday,sir!12、L ife to learn to enjoy: enjoy working happy laughter, enjoy friends, enjoy the warmth of family, enjoy the joy to create, enjoy the sweet fruit. 生活中要学会享受:享受工作的欢快,享受朋友的笑声,享受家人的温馨,享受创造的快慰,享受果实的甜美。

13、I n this world, only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness.在这个世界上,只有真正快乐的男人,才能带给女人真正的快乐。14、On the journey of life you have kindled the light of hope for me to enrich my mind, add my wisdom to thank you! Teacher, I wish you healthy forever, happy, happy!人生旅程上您为我点燃希望的光芒丰富我的心灵,增添我的智慧 谢谢您!老师,愿您永远健康、愉快、幸福!15 、H appy is the man who is living by his hobby. 醉心于某种癖好的人是幸福的。

2. 心情短语,英文的


When you feel hurt and your tears are gonna to drop. Please look up and have a look at the sky once belongs to us. If the sky is still vast, clouds are still clear, you shall not cry because my leave doesn't take away the world that belongs to you. ——你越想知道自己是不是忘记的时候,你反而记得越清楚,我曾经听人说过,当你不能再拥有的时候,唯一可以做的就是令自己不要忘记。 The more you wanna know whether you have forgotten something, the better you remember; I once heard that, the only thing you can do when you no longer have something is not to forget. ——离开我就别安慰我,要知道每一次缝补也会遭遇穿刺的痛。

If you leave me, please don't comfort me because each sewing has to meet stinging pain. ——如果花开了,就喜欢;如果花落了,就放弃。陪你在路上满心欢喜是因为风景,不是因为你。

If it blossoms, I will love; if not, give up. I just accompany u merrily for the sake of scenery not for you——我知道这世上有人在等我,但我不知道我在等谁,为了这个,我每天都非常快乐。 I know someone in the world is waiting for me, although I've no idea of who he is. But I feel happy every day for this. ——我安慰自己,虽然在最底最底的位置,看不到花儿绽放是的艳丽,然而却总不会错过花瓣飘落时在风中悠扬飞舞的浪漫。

I comfort myself like this: although I am in the lowest place, seeing now flowers blossoming, I can always witness the romance when the petals fall down and fly in the wind. ——我相信了你编写的童话,自己就成了童话中幽蓝的花。 I believe in the fairy story u wrote for me, and myself becomes the faint flower in the story. ——幸福的关键不在与找到一个完美的人,而在找到任何一个人,然后和他一起努力建立一个完美的关系。

The key for happiness is not find a perfect person, but find someone and build a perfect relationship with him. ——与其等到别人来爱你,不如自己学着努力多爱自己一些,如果今天的你没有比昨天更喜欢自己,那明天对你来说又有什么意义呢? It's better to try hard to love yourself more than to wait someone to love u. if today u don't like yourself more than yesterday, so what's the meaning of tomorrow? ——宽恕,原谅并不代表忘记,也不代表赦免,而是放自己一条生路。孤单不是有没有朋友的关系,而是有没有住在你的心里。

To forgive is not to forget, nor remit, but let it go; to be lonely is not becoz u have no friends, but no one is living in ur heart. ——事实上,这个世界不符合所有人的梦想。只是有人可以学会遗忘,有人却坚持。

The fact is that the world is out of everyone's expectation. But some learn to forget, but others insist. ——在这世界上无所谓偶然,只是伪装成偶然的必然。 In this world, there is no accident, but some certainty that pretends to be accident. ——偶尔要回头看看,否则永远都在追寻,而不知道自己失去了什么。

Sometimes u need to look back, otherwise u will never know what u have lost in the way of forever searching. 天爷叻 累死我了 我只是按我的审美帮你找了 你还有什么要求欢迎追问。

3. 描写心情的英语句子

what a bad day for me

what a pity

how terrible!!

I am in an ill humor.


I'm in a bad mood

I'm in foul temper

I'm feeling rather blue

I"m in that low frame of mind.

I"m in a bad temper






smart from


4. 英语心情句子大全


everybody has blue days.


these are miserable days when you feel lousy, grumpy, lonely, and utterly exhausted.

那些日子总会让你感到自己的渺小和微不足道, days when you feel small and insignificant,


when everything seems just out of reach.


you can't rise to the occasion.


just getting started seems impossible.


this is not always such a bad thing.

5. 励志心情英语句子

While there is life there is hope.


I am a slow walker,but I never walk backwards. (Abraham.Lincoln America)


Never underestimate your power to change yourself!


Nothing is impossible!


Nothing for nothing.


The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible ". (Bonaparte Napoleon ,French emperor )

凡是决心取得胜利的人是从来不说“不可能的”。( 法国皇帝 拿破仑。 B.)

I will greet this day with love in my heart.


6. 英语经典句子100个

赞美10大经典句1) You are real genius! You have a lot of talent! You are so smart! 你真是个天才! 你有很多天分! 你很聪明![你可以夸奖你的孩子,你的朋友,你的同学,你的同事!让别人充满信心!]2) You really did a good job. 你干得非常出色.[每天都可以用来夸奖别人!]3) Your English is really amazing. 你的英语真令人惊讶.4) You are a wonderful teacher! Thanks a million! 你是个了不起的老师! 万分[马上夸一夸你身边的同学,朋友!]感谢![马上说给你的老师听,说给任何一个帮你学英语的人听!]5) You look great in your new outfit. 你穿这件新外衣真是帅呆了.[别人穿了新衣服,一定要用这句话赞美一下!]6) You have really good taste. 你很有品味.[千万不要在”taste”前面加”a”!]7) You're such a gentleman. You have excellent manners. 你真是个绅士. 你的举止非常优雅.[高级精品句!]8) You always know the right thing to do! You always know the right thing to say!你办事总是很得体! 你说话总是很得体![赞美的高级说法!]9) I admire your courage. 我很佩服你的勇气.[比如人做了件勇敢的事,马上用这句话赞美]10) I wish I could speak English as well as you do. I really envy you!我要是能讲那么好的英语该有多好啊![绝对六星级赞美!] 感谢10大经典句1) Thanks a lot. Thanks a million! 非常感谢.万分感谢!2) Thank you for everything. 感谢你所做的一切![最全面的感谢!]3) Thank you for all you've done for me. 感谢你为我所做的一切.[现在完成时的高级用法,绝对卖弄!]4) Thank you so much for teaching me English. 非常感谢你教我英语.5) I don't know how to thank you enough. 我真不知道该怎么感谢你才好.6) It's very kind of you to help me. 你来帮我真是太好了.7) You're so helpful/thoughtful/considerate. 你真是乐于助人/太周到了/太体贴了.[五星级形容词considerate 考虑周到的,体贴的]8) I really appreciate you help. 非常感谢你的帮助.[感谢的高级表达法!]9) I'm very grateful to you for all of your help. 我真的很感激你所有的帮助.10) Thank you anyway./thanks all the same.还是要谢谢你.[即使别人没帮上忙,也别忘了说谢谢.]自我激励10大经典句1) There is only me in this world. 这世上只有一个我.2) I'm unique! I'm different! I'm special! 我是独一无二的!我与众不同!3) I feel great! I feel fantastic! 我感觉棒极了!我感觉非常奇妙! [时刻提醒自己保持最佳状态!]4) I'm in a good mood today. 我今天心情很好.[心情不好的时候反复告诉自己这句话,很快你就会感觉好多了!]5) I'm on top of the world. 我快乐极了.6) Everything is perfect. 一切都很完美.[想最幸福的事,你就是最幸福的人.]7) I'm ready for any challenge! 我已准备应付任何挑战!8) The future is in my hands! It's totally up to me! 未来尽在我掌握之中!完全取决于我![一定要有这样的信心!]9) I'm the best! I'm the greatest! I'm invincible! 我是最好的! 我是最伟大的! 我是不可征服的!10) I'm born to succeed! 我生下来就是要成功的![这应该是我们的坚定信念!]鼓励10大经典句1) You're the best! 你是最好的!2) You're one of a kind. 你非常特别.[这句话等于说You're unique.]3) There's no one like you. 没有人像你一样.4) Things will get better. 事情会好起来的.5) Everything will work out. 一切会好起来的.[我最喜欢使用的句子!]6) Don't worry about it. It happens. 别担心,那是常有的事.7) It's not the end of the world. 这又不是世界末日./这没有多大关系.8) Look on the bright side. 要看事情光明的一面.9) Don't give up. 别放弃/别认输!10) Hang in there. 坚持下去!/别松劲!与老外见面的10大经典句1) Welcome to China! Welcome to our city! 欢迎到中国来!欢迎到我们的城市来!2) I hope you're enjoying your stay here 希望你在这里过的愉快.3) How long have you been in China? 你在中国多长时间了?4) Is this your first trip to China? 这是你第一次来中国吗?5) Are you here on business or for pleasure? 你来这里是出差还有游玩?6) There are many interesting places here. I'd like to show you around. 这儿有很多有趣的地方,我愿意带你去看看.7) Please let me know if you need any help. 如果需要帮助,请你告诉.8) What's your impression of China so far? 你对中国的印象如何?9) Are you used to the life here? Does the weather agree with you? 你习惯这里的生活吗?你适应这里的气候吗?10) How do you like Chinese food? Are you used to the food here? Does the food here agree with you? 你觉得中国菜如何?你习惯这里的食物吗?这里的食物合你的胃口吗?请老外帮忙的10大经典句1) Could you help me with my English, please? 你能帮助我学英语吗?2) Could you please speak a little more slowly? 你可以说慢点吗?3) How do you pronounce this word? 这个单词怎么发音?4) How do you say this in English? 这个用英语怎么说?5) Tell me what you 。

7. 英文经典哲理心情语句


Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten.Alter what is changeable, and accept what is mutable.


Apart from tears, only time could wear everything away. While feeling is being processed by time, conflicts would be reconciled as time goes by, just like a cup of tea that is being continuously diluted.


Complaints are the greatest offerings that God obtains from human beings, as well as the most faithful prayers human beings might utter to God.


Wisdom appears in contradiction to itself, which is a trick life plays on philosophy of life.


Girls always look on themselves as proud princesses, with the exception of a small number of either extremely ugly or exceedingly smart ones.

8. 有关英语“职业”的句子

A teacher is a person who teaches knowledge to the students. A cleaner is a person who keeps clearn in a certain area. A pliceman is a person who keeps the social security and order of the society. A doctor is a person who treats patients, cures their diseases and keeps people healthy.。

9. 唯美,英语句子

If you can't handle me at my worst,then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.


If you were a cactus, I'd endure all the pain just to hug you.


Men love beautiful faces, women love sweet words. So women use makeup, and men lie.


I have a crush on you.


Catch one's heart,never be apart.